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‘The Jacket For Your Face.’ (TM)

Marauder is a Northern California based apparel company providing fashionable, totally unique, patent-pending hats to keep your head and face warm and cozy. Although originally designed for snowboarders and skiers, our hats are great for everyday blustery protection, whether you're getting hardcore on a mountain, cycling against the wind, or just out walking around. Even 

here in our native San Francisco, there is still a lot of wind and fog! Whatever you're doing, our goal is to keep you looking cool while providing a level of face protection never before offered in a cold-weather hat.

Marauder hats are made from a variety of sustainably produced organic hemp and organic cottons, California-milled cotton denim, and USA-milled, sustainably thoughtful Pendleton wools. A small fraction of our fabrics come from regular industrial sources, but we really do try our best! All of the hand-made hats we sell direct to customers through our website are MADE IN THE USA. Our snaps and grommets are industrial-strength hardware from one of the last US companies still manufacturing these types of products.

So, why “Marauder’? It’s kind of an interesting word! To us, it perfectly represents the feeling we have when taking up a new sport, going on another adventure, or just watching in awe as a big-wave surfer destroys a killer set. Life is about ripping apart your fears, conquering challenges, and destroying any obstacles in your way.

Marauder. Stay warm. Protect your face!